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Tax Law

This division of firm is dedicated to the profound study of taxes in their different forms, and in regard to the government spheres to which they pertain (federal, state and municipal).

Brazilian tax burden is one of the highest in the world and operates through complex legislation which is constantly reviewed and demands constant updating from professionals practicing in the area.

In Tax Law our clients receive counseling concerning...
advice on acquisitions, incorporations, divisions and liquidation of companies;

advice relating to the various taxes present in various business activities (the IRS, import, export, on industrialized products on movement of goods, on services, on financial operations and others);

act on fiscal processes;

act on court proceedings, seeking restitution and compensation of tributes, objections, warrant security, declaratory shares and others;

act on federal, state, municipal institutions under administrative or judicial area;

study and application of taxes theories;
study and planning companies structuring aiming tax savings;
IRS guidance for individuals.

Labor Relations Law

This area deals almost exclusively with labor relations between employers and employees. Our practice focuses on employment law of all kinds, labor law, and commercial litigation.
In Labor Relations Law our clients receive counseling concerning...
contracts and contractual obligations;
defenses in labor complaints prosecution;
embargos (execution, third party, arrematação);
study and drafting of labor contracts;
execution of titles;
bankruptcies and concordats;
certification of foreign judgments;
participation in collective agreements and conventions;
industrial property;
property protection;
commercial representation;
civil responsibility;
labor complaint;

Pension Law

In Brazilian business, this area is seen as strategic and companies should show great care here, particularly since the current government has historically been in favor of the employee's interests. A careful approach to Labor Law and Pensions issues is justified as one of the main concerns for the Brazilian business community.
In Pension Law our clients receive counseling concerning...
aid disease;
retirement by age;
retirement by disability;
pension by death;
revision of benefits.

International Law

The interdependence of countries is a fact. The international law looks to connect different worlds and interlock rights of countries to resolve the disputes. It is the set of laws created that transcend the State scope (Internal rights). Rights and duties between sovereign countries, conventions and agreements between them.
In International Law our clients receive counseling concerning...
option of nationality for foreign children with Brazilian parents;
naturalization of foreigners residing in Brazil.

Civil Law

Regulation of personal relations, trade, economic society, contracts and inheritance rights in general. Using all the rules and customs in the law to resolve disputes existing in interpersonal relations and solving them in the best way possible. In the court or settlement.
In Civil Law our clients receive counseling concerning...
consigned actions;

arbitration (advisory and drafting contracts with arbitration clauses and arbitration compromise);

labor arbitration (arbitration clause and arbitration commitment);
act on collective dissident;
interaction with the unions;
interaction with the commissions of prior conciliation;
search and seizure;
e-commerce and internet;
unfair competition;
child support;

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